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The purpose of our company is to bring in new technologies that have not yet been introduced in Turkey, and to ensure that these new technologies reach customers in the Turkish market. The globalizing world has turned to devices that create a 3D feeling, especially in the electronic products market. In this scope, TBA New Technologies Co., Ltd. (TBA Yeni Teknolojiler Ltd) will continue to bring in the 3D technology and the other new technologies that have not yet reached Turkey in other fields, within the framework of the distributorship it has obtained from the US as well as other distributorships which it will have in the future.

The first product with 3D technology which will be imported to Turkey will be marketed under the brand name “3 D Tv Box”, and will be followed by other products.

Being fully aware of the utmost importance of customer satisfaction, TBA New Technologies Co., Ltd will offer available distributorships on a collective basis to companies that share the same perspective.





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